Projects to support local people.

The Diocese is involved in various projects to help the local community to fight poverty and live full and fruitful lives.

St Monica’s Nursery School: has 172 children from different religions. It has acquired a bus to transport the children and Friends of Zanzibar has been raising funds to pay for this.
Other projects include:

St. Monica’s Hostel: serving tourists with the revenue supporting the work of the Diocese.

Kiungani: the site for the new Diocesan HQ, where the church hopes to build a health centre, a new school and centre for evangelism and the restoration of the former chapel for prayer and worship.

Tours of the former slave market: with revenue providing much needed income to support the four parishes.

Heifer Project: open to all regardless of faith and supplying free dairy cows or goats to help people with low incomes make a living.

Education Project: to sponsor secondary school students for quality education on mainland Tanzania.

HIV/AIDS project: raising awareness and providing support to people with HIV/AIDS.

Community projects: to fight poverty through the provision of livestock and vegetable products and environmental programmes.

St Barnabas’ Nursery School: with 21 students from the local community.